Hand Block Printed Fabrics

No matter how much the textile industry is evolving and mechanized printing is changing the face of textile art today, hand block printed fabrics are still here to stay. The fact that this centuries-old Indian art form continues to be valued and in demand even today, speaks volumes of the power and relevance of its patterns and designs. 

The secrets behind hand block printed fabrics

Hand block printing on fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool or linen is carried out manually with the help of incised wooden blocks, through a painstaking, step by step process. There is no other way of doing it and the process needs to be conducted with skill and precision. 

This highly skilled process utilizes natural dyes and mordants to achieve the desired result and even though it is an elaborate affair, this is what ultimately gives it that everlasting artistic value. Before finding the best hand-block printed saree online that comes with contemporary designs and beautiful motifs, you need to know the popular block prints in India that are offered by artisans in different parts of the country.

Here are a few of them.

Uniquely Dabu

All the way from Rajasthan, Dabu is a natural dye-based print that utilizes the blocks and mud-resist technique with delicately sieved clay, wheat chaff, calcium hydroxide and gum. Its subtle blend of organic colors and pastes, as well as dark and dull interplay, is brought together from the backbreaking process of dyeing and printing. 

Enchanting Ajrakh

Ajrakh, earnestly practiced by communities in Sindh, Pakistan, and Gujarat mainly centers itself around the sky. This textile art form embosses the fabric with themes of the universe. It mostly utilizes red, black and indigo as its primary colors. This hand block printed technique revolves around a 16 step process of dyeing and printing to achieve the desired result.

Down-to-earth Kalamkari

Kalamkari basically means crafting with the pen. It focuses on two forms that are the Sri Kalashasthi style and the Machilipatnam style. This fabric is a wonderful amalgamation of block printing and freestyle drawing. The prints are usually developed from the intricate paintings from the dyeing and layered drawing process.

Captivating Bagru and Sanganer

The rich art form of Bagru and Sanganer are recognized from the places where they are printed. It is one of the most famous prints in Rajasthan and is incorporated in sarees, skirts and even stoles. Its theme reflects nature and abstract art while the flora and fauna preset in the fabric come with earthly colors.

Mesmerizing shades of Batik

The precise interpretation of Batik means writing with wax. It involves an elaborate and delicate process that consists of coating a part of the cloth with wax and then dyeing it. This helps to give the fabric simple and understated patterns. However, the most treasured Batik prints are formed by chance because the special effects get formed in the natural manner wax works on the fabric.

Paisleys of Bagh

Belonging to Madhya Pradesh, even though it traces its origins to Rajasthan and Sindh, the Paisleys of Bagh are all about geometric and floral patterns that are incorporated in sarees, stoles, dupattas, and shawls. 

These block printing methods continue to make hand-block printed saree online a rage. Loomtales is a platform that brings together handloom buyers from all over the world under one roof. Each and every hand block printed saree is handpicked by a special team of experts who understand the knack of blending uniqueness and authenticity. This ensures you stand out from the rest in a saree or any other garment that makes you look your best.


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